New Matrassen for the patients

After receiving some funding from the Netherlands as well as from an American visitor, we added some funds from the hospital. Dr ABD was able to get a good deal for mattresses with special (extra strong/washable) cover straight… Read More

Erdi Alisha Tholley blessed

The daughter of Alie Tholley and his wife Titi was presented at church today! In a wonderful service she was committed to the Lord and blessed at the church. Dr Erdi, who she is named after was also… Read More

Visit Mr Steve of 4 HIM

City Garden Clinic had the pleasure to welcome Mr Steve again from the USA. He spend most time this trip on various projects, including setting up a soap factory for the polio at Magbenteh. But he never forgets… Read More

Delivery in OPD

At City Garden Clinic we do not have a maternity unit or a labor ward as for now (due to several reasons: the financial sustainability when the government services are for free in this field and secondly we… Read More

CHA Alie becomes papa

A clinician, but also a caring husband was Alie during the labor of his wife Titi. He supported her and she was doing a great job, but the baby would not really come. So a caesarian section was… Read More

Visit Foot Print Mission

Dr Jeff has been a good friend/brother of dr ABD for a long time. He has visited Magbenteh, but he has not yet stayed in City Garden Clinic (although he did visit City Garden Clinic when in Magbenteh)…. Read More

Little Zainab walking again

Zainab came on December 22th, she had had an accident with a motorbike. Her right upper leg was broken. She was brought by her father to City Garden Clinic. Clinically it was clear that her leg was broken…. Read More

City Garden Clinic receives UUS in laptop size

Since his visit last year, Steve and Rick Wood had not forgotten us. So when they managed to get an ultrasound in laptop size, they immediately thought of City Garden Clinic. The problem was to get it to… Read More

City Garden Clinic receives an ECG machine from the ‘Zonnehuis’ in Beekbergen, the Netherlands.

While on leave in the Netherlands, dr Erdi was offered to look at some equipment that was replaced by “het Zonnehuis” in Beekbergen, the nursing home where dr Erdi her mother lives. So of course she went there…. Read More

City Garden receives suitcase with ortho supply

Through Steve Hollingsworth and with assistance of his friends like Theresa Schröder (In His Service) medical supply are being donated to City Garden Clinic. Also now they managed to send a suitcase full of orthopedic supply. These gives… Read More